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Thank you from Kelty's Goldens

From the very start, we have worked hard to breed healthy, beautiful puppies! Every puppy we have sold has had a health guarantee!


Over the past years we have earned the trust of over 100 northwest families and individuals who have welcomed our pups into their home. We are honored at the number of referrals we've received - the fact that so many recommend us is the greatest compliment we can get! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the wonderful compliments. We smile at every picture and laugh at every hilarious story that we're told about our puppies. This is why we breed! Thank you!

If this is your first time at our website: Welcome! You'll see that we're not a large scale breeder or a breeder of show dogs. We are just an Oregon family who's awesome pets make awesome puppies! We are proud of our dogs and would love to brag about them further if would like to contact us!

Thank you again to all who make raising puppies so special!

From our family to yours,

Thank you!

"We knew by choosing Kelty's Goldens that our pup would be well socialized and love kids! At 10-1/2 weeks, she already is crate trained, house trained, and learning to follow some commands even from our grandchildren.  On top of it all, she is as cute as they come."

-M and B

Seattle, WA

"We get so many compliments on Rose, she's the cutest puppy on the block. She's so attentive, smart, and well behaved. Our vet (her grandma) always comments on her laid back demeanor, and her ability to play with all the big dogs so well.
I work in healthcare and and many people I work with have suggested we train her as a therapy dog because she's so friendly and well behaved."


Ontario, OR

"Quincy (Green Boy) is doing fabulously!  He is literally the best dog we have ever had. He’s mellow (his AKC name is Quincy’s Mellow Yellow :), smart and sweet.  People cannot believe how calm he is for such a young pup, especially a Golden…he has many admirers!

We cannot say enough about this dog, he is super special. And I have subscribed to your online newsletter in case we decide to add to our doggy family in the future. :)"


Eugene, OR

"Sully is doing well and is seriously the BEST most easy going guy. We are in the 5th week of puppy training and he is so smart and picks up what he needs to do so quickly. He gets along great with our other two doxies. I was told by the instructor of the puppy class that Sully's temperament is great for helping other dogs learn to play because he adjusts to their whatever their energy level is. We love and enjoy his company immensely! Thank you!


Vancouver, WA

"We love him so much, he is the greatest dog and has brought us so much joy. He is really smart and has had all healthy checkups. Thank you again for him:)"

- T.B.

Newport, OR

The pup we got back in February, (yellow girl) we named Sophia and she's doing very well! Sweet personality and very smart. Our 5 and 3 year old boys love her so much. Thanks again for this great addition to our family.


Sherwood, OR

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