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Puppy Updates

We love hearing back from our puppy parents!

New updates 2019!

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.29.09

Hi, we wanted to update you on Major. Polly and Russell's dark green boy born on October 19th 2018! He did very well getting adjusted to his

new home.

He was potty trained

in max 3 days! He is

very intelligent we

have an in-home trainer

who comes once a

week to train until he

gets all his shots.

Thank you so much for raising such well mannered and beautiful puppies! In the future, I will purchase Goldens from you every time thank you so much!


Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.28.35

Hi Kim!


Just thought I'd give you a little update on our boy Milo (or as you know him, dark green boy rose). He weighs in at over 40 lbs at 4.5 months old. He has the goofiest personality, and is so pensive. He spends a lot of time just sitting, watching, and thinking...that is, when he's not chasing the sprinkler, zooming around the house or digging a hole in the

yard to sleep in. I am so happy to have found him. Thank you so much!




Hi there!

Wow! What fun it’s been to watch Piper grow! We sure love this girlie, she adds so much joy to our family.
She loves to go for runs with my daughter & I,  walks with our 15yr old doxie, rides in the car & chasing & retrieving her ball!


image1 (1).jpeg

Just thought you might like seeing a few more photos of Biscuit (Polly's girl) growing up. She’s such a joy and has become best friends with her new younger brother—Gunney the bulldog. She loves the water, sticks and playing with the kids. What a joy to have her in our life.

Giving her a bath is really easy! (which is a good thing because

she also LOVES mud and leaps into any mud puddle she sees).

 Thanks again—we just love her.

- J

Snohomish, WA

20190719_115501 (2).jpg

 Wally is doing great and we are enjoying him immensely.

He has a wonderful spirit and is very smart. He loves to play, swim and zoom.

M & C



I wanted to update you on Cabo (Yellow boy) He is a crazy one! He weighs in at 41lbs..Yes, 41lbs

He loves to help cook in the kitchen right under your feet, pulls out any plant he can reach and run with the pot. Loves frozen peanut butter kongs. Distroys any toy he can find. He sits, high fives, speaks and almost rolls over. 

He loves running through the sprinkler. 

He is a joy! 

T and S D.

Kuna, ID

Here is Kona (aka Polly’s white girl).


She is 12 weeks old now & loves playing, going for walks, belly rubs, and being the center of attention!  She’s a sweet girl & we love her very much. Thanks Kelty’s for providing us such a great pup!


D&M W.

Meridian ID

We wanted to update you on Hunter (blue boy-rose)
Hunter (nickname wiggle-worm) has been the best thing that has happened to us. He is 11 months old now and is the cutest sweetest and calmest pup we have ever met. He is so smart, such a quick learner, and has a great nose! He is all the way through canine good citizen and will likely go through therapy dog course. He is our outdoor buddy that  just loves exploring. He has learned to hunt and look for deer and elk antlers with us and absolutely loves it! We love him so much thank you Kelty's for getting us our boy. :)

A & T

Vancouver, WA

Brown boy/ Charley Tucker, looks a lot like his dad.    We love him very much.   He is a character.   


Jerome, Idaho

Just wanted to give you an update on my service dog in training,  Gizmo. He has been doing amazing at leaning how to work. When on the job,  he can do an extended down of an hour or more and his public manners are almost impeccable.  Outside of his harness,  he's a complete goofball who can make me laugh on the very worst of days. I have very little doubt  that he'll finish his training at this point,  and will be forever grateful that I found him. 


Canby, OR

Hard to believe that Montana Mae is 1 year old – we celebrated her birthday last week and thought we’d share some photos of her first year.  She’s so fun and delightful and social.  We are so glad that she is in our lives.  She gives us much joy everyday.


T&R. V

Tacoma, WA

Hey, we absolutely love out little browngirl...she is named Downey....gets along with our cats and even sleeps with us in Our Bed!


Veneta, OR

I wanted to update you on Bossiney.    


He has the most wonderful temperament.  Calm yet loves everyone and is the delight of our urban neighborhood.  He is so gentle with big dogs (many goldens in the 'hood) when he meets them yet holds his own playing with them.  He has probably met 500 people in these several weeks, has ridden the streetcar, heard ambulances and trains, been introduced to skateboards by a lovely young man.  He has only shown fear from the noise the broom makes hitting the "dustpan" of the street sweeper but now has met this man and his broom and thinks they're both great toys.


And he has not had an accident in the house for a week.  Tonight he saw a 10 year boy and rushed to him.


I'll keep you posted but, again, thank you all for doing such a wonderful job with all the puppies and, selfishly, this precious boy.


Portland, OR

Just thought you might like seeing a few more photos of Biscuit growing up. She’s such a joy and has become best friends with her new younger brother—Gunney the bulldog. They’re a funny pair but get along great, play constantly and sleep together all of the time. The only difference is that Gunney rides on the ATV while Biscuit runs around after it. She loves the water, sticks and playing with the kids. What a joy to have her in our life.  Actually, she loves the water so much that she will sometimes hop in the shower when she hears us in it and just sit curled up in a ball under the water until we finish. Giving her a bath is really easy! (which is a good thing because she also LOVES mud and leaps into any mud puddle she sees).


Thanks again—we just love her.


Snohomish, WA

Bella continues to add fun and excitement to our family.  She is healthy, happy, and smart!  We knew by choosing Kelty's Goldens that our pup would be well socialized and love kids! At 10-1/2 weeks, she already is crate trained, house trained, and learning to follow some commands even from our grandchildren.  On top of it all, she is as cute as they come.  We are certainly glad we found you.

-M and B

Seattle, WA

We get so many compliments on Rose, she's the cutest puppy on the block. She's so attentive, smart, and well behaved. Our vet (her grandma) always comments on her laid back demeanor, and her ability to play with all the big dogs so well.
I work in healthcare and and many people I work with have suggested we train her as a therapy dog because she's so friendly and well behaved.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog!


Ontario, OR

Thor is doing great with our other dog and cat. He loves them and they have learned to love him. He's great with everyone actually.  Couldn't be more happy with our little guy!!

Thanks again for the amazing puppy.

-M and B

Portland, OR

 The pup we got back in February, (yellow girl) we named Sophia and she's doing very well! Sweet personality and very smart. Our 5 and 3 year old boys love her so much. Thanks again for this great addition to our family.


Sherwood, OR

"Quincy (Green Boy) is doing fabulously!  He is literally the best dog we have ever had. He’s mellow (his AKC name is Quincy’s Mellow Yellow :), smart and sweet.  People cannot believe how calm he is for such a young pup, especially a Golden…he has many admirers!


Our daughter started an Instagram site for him called Quincy the Golden Child, and she regularly posts pics on there if you ever want to take a look.

We cannot say enough about this dog, he is super special. And I have subscribed to your online newsletter in case we decide to add to our doggy family in the future. :)"


Eugene, OR

"We named our puppy Solsbury Sullivan Jones aka "Sully". Sully is doing well and is seriously the BEST most easy going guy. We are in the 5th week of puppy training and he is so smart and picks up what he needs to do so quickly. He gets along great with our other two doxies. I was told by the instructor of the puppy class that Sully's temperament is great for helping other dogs learn to play because he adjusts to their whatever their energy level is. We love and enjoy his company immensely! Thank you! I think he's looking quite a bit like his mother, such a sweet face."


Vancouver, WA

"We love him so much, he is the greatest dog and has brought us so much joy. He is really smart and has had all healthy checkups. Thank you again for him:)"

- T.B.

Newport, OR

"We are so in love with him, we take him everywhere and he joins us on all of our crazy camping and hiking adventures! We decided to name him Finn after Huckleberry Finn and it fits him perfectly!"

- K.P.

Beaverton, OR

"We love her, she is a lot of fun and is very smart. She loves to play fetch and keep-a-way.  She also likes the cat a lot but that isn't mutual yet. She rides in the car and travels very well. She will be making her second trip to Arizona soon.
Thanks so much for raising such a wonderful pup. We couldn't be happier. 


We appreciate all you do to bring happiness to puppies and their new families."

- M.S.

North Bend, OR

"Pipers doing amazing! She loves to go on hikes with us and go to the dog park and meet new friends, she will make everyone give her attention it is hilarious."

- R.P.

Camas, WA

"She’s doing fantastic, we lover her!  She is the biggest cuddler, super sweet to all the other dogs and cats, and she still makes the little grunt when you pick her up like she did in the individual video you made for all of Polly’s litter. 


We are thankful for Daisy and the love and care given to her as a puppy."


Gig Harbor, WA

"We are doing very well! We named him Koba and he is a really good dog! Thank you so much for helping us get him." 


Sparks, NV

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