Our Girls


Since she was a pup, Jenna has been the pet that makes our kids smile. Her temperament is loving and obedient. She is Rose's sister and has a medium golden coat. She has OFA certified "Excellent" hips...OFA's highest certification!
Her pups tend to be a variety of golden shades. Want to see one of her pups? Check out our boy Griffey...what a stud!
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Our youngest girl, Lockett is full of energy and loves to play! She is somewhat large for a female, weighing around 75lbs and stands almost as tall as our stud. She has champion bloodlines and OFA certified hips.
She is bred to Griffey and her pups likely range in color between her light golden coat and Griffey's dark golden coat. 
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Sweet and full of fun, Rose is the puppy that never grew up! She gets along well with our kids and other dogs and has just an all around great temperament. She has a beautiful golden coat, which is darker than her sister, Jenna. She has OFA Certified hips.


Her pups will likely be a mix of darker and lighter pups.


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