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Kelty’s Goldens

Health and Wellness Guarantee


Congratulations on purchasing your new puppy! You have a 72 hour guarantee in which time you are urged to have the puppy checked by a licensed vet. If in the first 72 hours the vet finds any life threatening genetic disorder, the purchase price will be refunded or a replacement pup will be given, provided that we, Kelty’s Goldens, receive a letter from the examining vet and the puppy is returned to us. Our vet must then confirm the problem. Refund must be made and accepted within 1 week of our vet’s report or a replacement puppy must be given as soon as one becomes available. No vet bills will be reimbursed. The puppy is also guaranteed to be free of any life threatening genetic health conditions for a period of one year after birth. If any such condition is diagnosed by your vet and confirmed by our vet, a replacement pup will be given as soon as one becomes available and the original pup returned to us. No vet bills will be reimbursed. Take good care of your puppy by providing it with quality food, water, housing and medical care. As with all living things, genetic problems can occur Remember, puppies are babies too. They need plenty of love, rest, fresh water and a dry place to sleep and exercise. This guarantee is non­transferable to a second party should the original buyer re­home the puppy.




Seller____________________________ Kimberly Kelty, Owner of Kelty’s Goldens



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