Our Boys


Intelligent and ready to learn? Check! Sweet and gentle with kids? Check! Loves to play and chase balls? Check! Knows how to relax and get a belly rub? Check! Check! Check!
Born in our home to mama Jenna, Griffey is truly an awesome boy! His coat is dark golden with a red tint. He has a blocky head and a lean build, weighing 80lbs. He is PENN HIP certified. His mother's hips are OFA Excellent and father's are OFA Good. 

Oh Russell! One of the first puppies our family owned grew into an ideal best friend for our kids. He is a playful, loving, and energetic companion and fathers healthy, beautiful pups. He has a medium to light golden coat, a tall muscular build, and weighs about 90lbs. His hips have been OFA certified as "Good". His parent's hips were also OFA certified or PENN HIP certified. What more could you want out of a sire?  

Click on the link see his pedigree and check out more pictures of this awesome guy!